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When it’s too uncomfortable and feels too hard to put a boundary in place, it feels easier just to keeI see you…

Hustling to make it all happen, to get more done, to be there for everyone, to make everyone happy, to be the best (parent, partner, spouse, sibling, child, volunteer, employee, coworker, leader, coach, human) and feeling like nothing is every good enough or right or anyone is EVER happy. 

I see you trying to maintain a perfect exterior, while inside you want to hide in the closet and cry because you’re exhausted, constantly stressed out, overwhelmed, and never feeling like enough. 

I see you wanting someone to say “thank you” but all you receive are complaints and criticism

I see you being angry and resentful all the time but imagining that someday when this finally happens then you’ll be able to find what you’ve been searching for. 

I hear you…

I hear your inner critic, the one who says that you’re not working enough, you’re not doing enough, you don’t have enough time, money, energy, to do what you want

I hear you complaining to your best friend about why this person always has it together and why you don’t ever seem to be able to get it together. 

I hear you asking why this person seems to be able to do it all and you can’t even find time to put on make-up in the morning

I hear you constantly saying “Yes” when what you really mean is “NO!” 

I’ve been there…

When you’re holding back, afraid to be seen, to be heard, to share your opinion for fear of what others will think, say or do 

p things the way they’ve always been because you can’t imagine finding energy for this too 

Numbing myself with busyness, drinking, work, planning, or fixing other people’s problems because it seems easier than dealing with your own or even knowing where to start

I’ve got you…

When you feel like you’re not making progress, when you want to just get to the end and not be in the discomfort, when you can’t give yourself permission to cry, when you want someone to walk alongside you but it feels like you’re all alone, when you don’t think you have it inside you, when you want to feel your emotions again but are afraid you may never stop crying

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